Wednesday, 28 January 2009 18:56

Open Letter To MR G.MOSS, Chairman,Wrexham Football Club

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Mr G Moss


Wrexham Football Club Ltd

Racecourse Ground

Mold Road


LL11 2AH

28th January 2009

Dear Geoff,

We understand from our friends at the Wrexham Supporters Federation, that as part of the Racecourse re-development, you will be reducing your 100% ownership of the football club to a non-controlling 20% stake, with controlling interest passing to Mr Ian Roberts and Mr Paul Retout.

Although we have not always been in agreement on matters relating to the club, we have always taken comfort in your stated goal of safeguarding the future of the football club.

We are aware that you have considered various options for doing this; including limits on individual shareholdings, council involvement, Community Interest Companies and so on.

We would be grateful if you could outline the measures that you have put in place, as part of agreement of sale, to protect both the Racecourse Stadium and the football club itself. I am sure that, given our recent history, you will understand the sensitivities of Wrexham fans on this issue.

Many thanks in anticipation of your reply and as always, kind regards.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Stockdale

On Behalf of

The Board of Wrexham Supporters Trust

And the reply.........

Dear Nick,

Thank you for your letter, lets get the Planning Permission first which is crucial to stabilising the long term future of the Football Club.

Your assumptions are not correct and as statedin previous correspondence it has always been my intention to work for the long term benefit of the Club.The ongoing plan with more shareholders and an income stream to the Club out of the development will be evident in due course. Please be re-assured that i feel the Club will be in good hands going forward with everyone of the shareholders committed to modernising and driving the Club forward both on and off the pitch. I do hope your members can see my commitment with the appointment of Dean Saunders and thevarious improvements taking place, ie new shop, new ticketing system, new reception,fresh hospitality ideas, happy hour etc etc.

I have to express personal disappointment that despite our differences that the WST have not been able to help with any donation/fund raising for our superb Centre for Excellence Youth Development programmein it's hour of need, our Youth Team as you may have seen last night currently stand top of the Puma Youth Alliance League for the first time in the Clubs history something everyone connected with the Club should be proud of, something that inspires hope for the future. A forum of your people came to Colliers Park and met with Steve Cooper and myself and we went away re-assured that help would be forthcoming. Virtually all other Supporters groups have helped, I leave that with you!!

Kindest Regards