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Unanswered Questions

Over the past few weeks the WST has raised several questions regarding the proposed development at the Racecourse. Questions that relate to the long term security of our club and which we feel deserve serious consideration by the owners of the club.

These questions have so far failed to elicit any meaningful response from the club although we are saddened to note that the Directors have made statements which question the motives of the WST board.

We do not wish to deflect attention from the serious issues we have raised by responding in detail to the clubs allegations.

However, in response to several enquiries from our membership, we wish to state the following in relation to one of Mr Mosss allegations.

The WST has never reneged on any agreement to buy a stake in Wrexham Football Club. There has never been an agreement for us to renege on.

We have, in the past, had high level discussions with the club where various options have been discussed.

Following these discussions the WST correctly took professional advice and made a formal offer to the club. This offer was subsequently rejected by the club owners.

At no point was any counter offer made to the Trust.

Mr Moss is aware of this and we are disappointed that he should be making this claim. We will be writing to Mr Moss and asking him to desist in making these allegations.

In the meantime the questions that we have raised regarding the security of our club go unanswered.

The WST is committed to a development that supports the future ambitions of our club and it is important that this scheme does so. We only have one chance to get this right.

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