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Reactive Statement to Stephanie Booth

wstlogosmallThe Wrexham Supporters Trust Board is very disappointed with the comments made by Stephanie Booth and will consider our position as a result. The board of the WST only ever received an outline proposal from Stephanie which lacked any detail and were waiting for a formal proposal from her which never materialized. As a result we were unable to assess her proposition against the evaluation model agreed by WST members at our EGM on 18th April 2011 or to present it to them for their consideration. The WST categorically deny making any libellous comments, threats or abuse to Ms Booth, and would advise her to take this matter up with North Wales Police. We would like to thank Ms Booth for using her media skills to bring the Clubs plight to the people of Wrexham and North Wales

The WST is committed to the long term future of Wrexham Football Club and the Racecourse Ground with the following aims:

  1. We aim to create a successful sustainable community-owned football club
  2.  We aim to asset lock the Racecourse Ground using a community based model to attract investment in order to return the Racecourse to an international standard venue 
  3. We aim to provide football and educational opportunities for young people in Wrexham and North Wales
  4. We aim to maximise the assets of Wrexham FC & leverage good will in the community to return Wrexham FC to a financially viable business
  5. We aim to give everyone who loves Wrexham Football Club an opportunity to be actively involved in shaping the future of our club
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