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WST Christmas Party!

xmasWrexham Supporters Trust will be holding there first ever Christmas party on Saturday 22nd December at the Centenary Club, with all staff, players and fans invited.

Trust Board Fundraiser Anita Robinson said; ¢‚¬Å“With having a game at Grimsby on the Friday evening, it has allowed us to look at having an event to celebrate Christmas and the fact that we are a fans owned club.

¢‚¬Å“As a fans owned club, the whole evening has been brought together with the help of individuals who support the club, who are giving up there time for free to make it a special evening for everyone connected with the club, and in doing so raising funds for Wrexham Football Club.

¢‚¬Å“Trust member and Dragons fan, Stuart Wojdyta, has agreed to DJ the evening, whilst former Wrexham player and Welsh under-21 international, Gareth Owen, will be strumming a set that includes songs from Oasis, Stereophonics, Snow Patrol etc. Local indie/rock band The Scene complete the evening.

¢‚¬Å“It promises to be a great evening, and we hope Reds fans will give it there full support. Tickets are just £10, which includes a buffet and are available from both the Club and Trust Shops. Its a great opportunity for players and fans alike to enjoy an evenings entertainment together.¢‚¬

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