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wstmediumNotice of a General Meeting of the Wrexham Football Supporters’ Society (known as the Wrexham Supporters Trust) 
To be held at 1930 on Monday 19th August 2013 at the Centenary Club, Racecourse Ground, Wrexham
In addition to the usual business of the Trust (and Joe Clarke as our guest speaker!) the purpose of the meeting is for members to consider and vote upon the following ordinary resolution proposed by the Society (Trust) Board. 
Proposed by the Society Board:
1.That the Society notes that on 27th June 2013 at its Annual General Meeting the Society accepted the new policy for the appointment of the Club President
2.That the Society Board, in accordance with the policy, has nominated Mr Dixie McNeil to serve a term of three years as President of Wrexham Football Club 
3.That the Society resolves to ratify the appointment of Mr Dixie McNeil as the Club President with immediate effect, in accordance with and subject to, the terms of the policy
Supporting Information 
1.Prior to the recent AGM there had been no policy for the appointment of the Club President. The previous President, Mr Arfon Griffiths MBE, has stood down. The AGM approved the new policy which provides for the Society Board to nominate an appropriate person to serve as Club President and then to seek the approval of the membership by an ordinary resolution at a general meeting. 
2.The Society Board have nominated former player and manager Mr Dixie McNeil and seek the approval of the membership for his appointment
3.In accordance with the policy, the position of Club President is an honorary one with no ‘de facto’ powers to act on behalf of the Society or the Club. The role does not carry any voting rights. 
4.Although it carries no executive powers, the role of Club President is to act as an ambassador for the Club and to be an active and enthusiastic figure-head and to attend functions and events at the invitation of the Society and Club Boards. 
5.The role is separate from the President of the Trust who is currently Mr Bryn Law and whose position remains unchanged.
Those members who cannot attend the meeting can still vote by proxy. 
A proxy form is attached and should be sent to the Chairman ‘FREEPOST WST’ to reach us by no later than Monday, 19th August 2013.
Alan Fox 
WST Secretary 
9th August 2013
Form of Proxy for WST General Meeting 
Monday 19th August 2013
Only use this form if you are unable to attend the Meeting and you wish to appoint a proxy to vote on the resolution.
Name of Member: ______________________________________________
Address of Member: ______________________________________________
Membership No   ______________________________________________
Notes on Appointing a Proxy:
1.No person other than the Chair of the meeting can act as proxy for more than 3 members but the Chair may only cast proxy votes that instruct him or her to vote in a particular way
2.Any question as to the validity of a proxy is to be determined by the Chair of the meeting whose decision is to be final
Name of Proxy*: ______________________________________________
Address of Proxy:_____________________________________________
* Insert Chair of Meeting if you do not want to name a specific Proxy
I appoint the above-named person to be my proxy-holder at the meeting of the Wrexham Supporters Trust to be held on Monday, 19th August 2013 or at any adjournment of that meeting. The proxy-holder is to vote as instructed below.
Voting Instruction for the Resolution
My proxy is to vote FOR / AGAINST *
* Please delete as appropriate
Signed: ___________________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________________
•To take advantage of our freepost return service, please return this form in an envelope addressed to ‘FREEPOST WST’ to reach us by no later than Monday, 19th August 2013.
•Please return this form as directed above, even if your proxy will be present on the night, as this will allow us to make necessary arrangements for the meeting.