Friday, 22 March 2013 09:16

Beware of the Pirates!

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pirate1As many of you are aware, we are being plagued by that modern parasite of success, the pirate pedlar. There are a number of such parasites working through the town, selling items supposedly representing Wrexham FC. THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL PRODUCTS, and NONE of their profit goes back to helping Wrexham FC prosper. Their products contain very poor representations of copyrighted badges, and the quality is very poor,as seen in the picture. Who would want to own a flag with a badge that doesn't actually exist, or a scarf with a random red shirt with a non-descript badge?

On top of this, the official club merchandise sellers, who were working on Queens Square yesterday, were verbally threatened by these pedlars, and subsequently had to shut up shop. The Council and the Council's town manager Isobel Watson and her assistant Colin Jones have been contacted about this very disturbing development.

In the mean time, you can play your part by not buying ANY of this rubbish, and letting everyone you know not to support this activity. Please do not physically confront them when seen in town (or elsewhere), simply not buying their products will soon encourage them to move on to some other town that they have no affiliation or care for.

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