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Junior Dragons Christmas Party

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Junior Dragons

200 Junior Dragons make their Christmas Party an event to remember.

A most enjoyable afternoon in the company of the Wrexham players and Wrex the Dragon!

The first annual Junior Dragons Christmas party was held at Brymbo Cricket Club on Sunday 17th December.
Members began arriving as much as an hour early in anticipation of a fun packed afternoon and by the scheduled start time of 1 O'clock the place was packed with Wrexham's young supporters, from toddlers to teenagers, both boys and girls and also their mums and dads.

On entry every member was given a special ticket which was their free entry for the Mascot draw which would take place at the end of the afternoon. Wrex

Once everyone was settled in, host and DJ Kev B. took time out from banging out tunes from the mixing desk to announce the first Special Guest of the afternoon -  a rather large figure dressed in red and white appeared - no it wasnt Santa Claus, but Wrex the Dragon himself, who was instantly mobbed by an enthusiastic band of the younger members. One of the drawbacks of being a dragon is that its a bit tricky to hold a pen with your paw, but Wrex did his best and signed just about everything that was thrust in front of him.

By this time there were 200 members plus parents in attendance so things were getting quite lively!

Around 1.30pm it was time for the Wrexham players to make their grand entrance onto the stage. DJ Kev brought them on one by one to massive cheers and applause from the excited young fans.

First it was Steve Evans, followed by Simon Spender, Gareth Evans, Chris Llewellyn, Matty Crowell, Danny Williams, Ryan Valentine, Mike Ingham and Neil Roberts. Last onto the stage and the biggest cheer of the afternoon was for the Junior Dragons favourite player, Mark Jones.

While the younger fans queued up to have a quick chat with the players and get some autographs, the older members began tucking into the mountains of food that had been laid on. It looked like enough to feed an army, and everyones favourite seemed to be Lesleys secret recipe Jam Butties which are now surely destined to become an annual feature of the JD Christmas party.  

Then roles were reversed and the older fans had the chance to meet the players as the youngers ones got stuck in to the spread, which by now was disappearing fast! Luckilly everyone got fed and there was still room for cakes for everyone. Massive thanks have to go to Lesley and her family for preparing the food, and also to the Buckley Reds for their contribution towards to the costs.

As the last few fans were meeting their heros it came time to make the draw for a match Mascot, and this was won by 9 year old Daisy Corbett from Malpas. We are sure you will have a great day Daisy!

Prizes were also drawn for a Ryan Valentine signed shirt and a couple of signed balls. DJ Kev then thanked everyone who had helped make the afternoon so enjoyable, not least the players who had given up their time to the delight of so many of their young fans.

The party came to a close shortly after 3 O'clock and all JD's were given a Wrexham FC party bag on their way out. But the biggest thanks were to the Junior Dragons themselves, and as Kev said, 'The Junior Dragons are the future of Wrexham FC and if the day was anything to go by, Wrexham FC has a very bright future'.

Comments received on the way out and also via the Red Passion website have shown that the kids all had a fantastic time and the afternoon was a great success.

Wrexham Supporters' Trust would like to thank the staff at Brymbo Cricket Club, all the Junior Dragons and Wrexham FC for their help in making the afternoon possible.

Heres to an even bigger and better event next year!