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Arsenal 15th Anniversary Reunion Lunch

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Arsenal 15th Anniversary Reunion Lunch

Steve Watkin, Wayne Phillips, Joey Jones, Kevin Reeves, Brian Flynn and Brian Carey celebrate the15th Anniversary of our famous victory.

On Sunday 7th January Wrexham Supporters Trust held a reunion lunch for the Wrexham team that shocked the football world by beating the reigning Football League champions Arsenal. To make it even more of a shock, Wrexham had finished rock bottom of the Football League in 92nd place that same season. The gap couldnt have been wider!
Mickey Thomass free-kick is embedded in the annals of FA Cup history forever more, though people forget that it was the more than modest Steve Watkin who actually sealed victory with the winning goal.
Steve, along with Waynne Phillips, Brian Carey, Joey Jones, assistant-manager Kevin Reeves and manager Brian Flynn gathered at the refurbished Changing Rooms Restaurant to reminisce that unforgettable victory.
Along with the fans present, who themselves had many memories of that day, were shown a new DVD that the Trust have produced that shows the full match, players comments, fans comments, the scenes at the Racecourse after the final whistle, and a final piece on Mickey Thomass golden goal. This double DVD, which has been excellently put together, will retail at the Trust shop for £12, and is a must for anyone who wants to recap that memorable day.
Brian Flynn, informed those present that prior to the game he had asked the club chairman Pryce Griffiths that if his side could gain a draw, would it be possible for him to sign Brian Carey if he was for sale. Id told the Chairman that I had spoken to Alex Ferguson, and he wanted £75,000 for him. I informed the chairman that I wanted to build the team around Brian. The Chairman told me that if we can get a replay then I could sign him, but we won! He then said that we would have to get a draw with West Ham to buy him! We earned that draw, and the Chairman said that I could buy Brian Carey for £75,000, but when I went back to Alex Ferguson to buy him, he told me after the way he had performed for us that he now wanted £150,000!
Joey told the story of David Seaman promising Mickey Thomas that he could have his gloves after the game for his son. Sure enough, despite suffering that unexpected defeat, true to his word, he gave Mickey the gloves, and told him ‹Å“I hope he makes better use of them than I did today!
For the young players at the time, Steve, Waynne and Brian all stated what an honour it was to play on the same pitch as the Arsenal team that was full of internationals, and found it hard to take in what they had actually done. Steve Watkin, said that he went out with his mates in Llangollen, but later went back into Wrexham to continue his celebrations! Brian Flynn was called to the BBC studios in Manchester, a long with Mickey Thomas, to appear on Match of the Day.
There was no doubt how much that game is still held in high regard by those present. As for those who couldnt attend for one reason or another, they too have unforgettable memories of that day. Karl Connolly, who had to attend a christening said; That was a fantastic day, one I will never forget.
It most certainly was an unforgettable day, and those who were lucky enough to have witnessed it, they can always say those immortal words; I was there!
Thanks for the memories.

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