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Your Trust Board

Since the summers AGM there have been some changes to the Trust Board and we take this opportunity to keep members up to date with who’s who.

Some weeks ago, Robin Wiggs and Mike Dean stood down from the Board and we would like to thank them for all their work over the years. In response to our invitation to members to express an interest in joining the Board as co-opted members, we are pleased to confirm that Sarah Smith-Howard and Mike Lewis have recently joined the Board until the next AGM. We are grateful to everyone who expressed an interest.

Your Trust Board is now made up as follows:

Peter Jones, Chairman – Elected

John Mills, Vice Chair and WAFC Board member – Elected

Brian Phillips, Treasurer – Co-opted

Mark Williams, WAFC Board Finance Director – Elected

Spencer Harris, WAFC Board – Elected

Gavin Jones, WAFC Board – Elected

Dave Jones, Membership – Elected

Richard Ulrich, Membership – Elected

Stuart Roberts, Community – Elected

Anita Robinson, Community – Elected

Paul Smith, Fundraising – Elected

Sarah Smith- Howard, Fundraising – Co- opted

Mike Lewis, Fundraising – Co-opted

Alan Fox, Independent Secretary – Appointed

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