Friday, 16 November 2007 19:39

Arbitration process- Prejudicial statements

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We have received instructions from the arbitrator, Mr Parnell, who is dealing with a complaint against the supporters trust byfive of ourmembers, that the following statement is to be posted immediately on this web site.

Mr Parnell has also instructed the Trust's secretary to removeany postings on the WST website made on and after 1st November 2007 that make any direct or implied reference to the Arbitration proceedings, save for a simple announcement of fact that the Arbitration process are in progress. Also, that any future postings that make any direct or implied reference to the Arbitration proceedings prior to its completion shall be immediately removed.

"Unless the parties expressly agree in writing to the contrary, the parties undertake as a general principle to keep confidential the arbitration proceedings, together with all statements and other materials produced, not already in the public domain, for the purposes of the arbitration. All parties should refrain from commenting on the arbitration proceedings in or to the media or by any other means, including on websites; to do so may be prejudicial to the arbitration proceedings and therefore may be taken into account when making the arbitration award. It is appreciated that the general membership will wish to be informed as to the outcome of the arbitration so that an agreed statement may be issue as and when the award has been determined."