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Wrexham Association Football Club New Year Message #6

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Focus article 6 – The Wrexham AFC Media Team

This is the sixth in our series of articles updating you on the progress the football club is making under your ownership as fans and giving you a further insight into how your club has progressed during the year just gone.

KopA key feature of Wrexham AFC is the Media Team, volunteers providing a high quality service to us all within our fans owned model. 2016 has been another big year for them under the guidance of our Media Team Manager Carl Hogan. What have they taken on in 2016 and what are the key areas of progress?

  • Actively increasing the volume of tickets sold online & printed at home - lowering the clubs overheads while increasing ticket sales
  • Taken the responsibility of stadium media management. Setting up online help channels for the stadium, taking the load off the day to day business, as an example they answered over 1000 questions in the first 7 days after the announcement about the gigs from guests on Facebook & Twitter alone!
  • Increasing our output on the club website - gathering more new fresh content and features for the website - an increase of 25% so far from last season
  • Helped young prospective journalists / media students into full time employment! The first media team members have left the team and used their documented experience with the club to gain really good jobs in the media field.  One is a Copywriter for Betfred and another is a News Journalist at Yorkshire Coast Radio
  • Two media team members finished university with 'First Class Honours' having used their experiences documented on match days towards their courses
  • The team have become more and more  involved in the decision making process with the board of the football club to ensure we hit the right spot from a communication perspective (for example - being involved in the concerts from the absolute beginning, helped us answer questions efficiently and sell more tickets quickly)
  • Introduced a dedicated match day press officer to give us more flexibility, ensuring we have someone on hand to represent the club to all media onsite on match days. We are able to quickly troubleshoot without someone leaving their post now and this experience has given some of our student members valuable work experience. Other visiting clubs have been impressed that we have someone to help out with looking after them on their visit, especially those visiting for the first time

In addition the team has secured official status for the club on Twitter this year and grown the number of followers up to the 30,000 mark! They provide social media content on a daily basis as well as the Wrexham Player and matchday announcements!

This is another area of our football club flourishing and providing us with what we need and students the experiences to secure future employment in a tough industry to get a foothold!

The Boards of the Wrexham Supporters Trust and Wrexham AFC would like to wish everyone associated with Wrexham AFC a very happy and prosperous new year!