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Wrexham Association Football Club New Year Message #7

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Focus article 7 – Trust Ownership and Investment

This is the seventh and last in our series of articles updating you on the progress the football club is making under your ownership as fans and giving you a further insight into your club.

From our series of articles this week you will have read how we have benefited significantly from being a Fan Owned Club since November 2011.

We have benefited financially with well in excess of £1million being donated into the club by you the fans over the last five years and benefited from the expertise available within the club ownership to turn around what was a club in peril that had been systematically devastated by a series of private ‘investors’. The previous private ownership of the football club ultimately led us to relegation from the Football League, the loss of our Football Ground and the loss of our Training Facilities. It seems hard to believe now that just a few short years ago before Trust Ownership we had little community involvement; no Junior Dragons; no Disabled Supporters Organisation; few volunteers; no ground; no training ground; and a £750k annual deficit to overturn and were on the verge of being wound up with only fans saving the club from expulsion from the league in a show of support to raise a £250,000 bond within 24hrs.

The actions of the past haven’t been easy tasks to overcome; but we have; the rebuilding hasn’t been easy, but step by step with plenty of data and evidence to support that assertion we have and continue to do so, with our number one aim still being a return to the Football League. Much of the actions and work has been undertaken by people who are doing it just for the love of the club asking for nothing in return and at zero cost to the Football Club. Had the Club been required to pay for this effort and expertise it would surely have run up in to a similar amount of money as the million pounds plus already donated by fans (you the owners).

It is for these reasons and many more that as a Football Club and Trust we are completely committed to this ownership model and the principles associated with it as we work towards achieving our plans and objective of returning to the Football League.

Within this ownership model we do of course benefit from, and consistently encourage, further 'investment' in both financial and other forms such as volunteering, sponsorship, facility usage, community partnerships and the like as we continue to build a sustainable Football Club for present and future generations. However people should not confuse sustainable with ‘no money’. Whilst it would be true that there are a small number of clubs in the division owned by benefactors with significant personal financial wealth that will be able to outspend anyone in the division it doesn’t necessarily mean they get promoted and the table over the last 3 to 5 years reflects this assertion. We have enough income and budget to give us the opportunity to get back to where we want to be.

With the dedication of the fans support in volunteering at all levels of the organisation, purchase of season tickets and a talented staff in getting the business to improve its Commercial Income we have always put forward a competitive budget to challenge for the very least a play-off place each season.

We have lots of other innovative ideas in the pipeline to build our income in the years to come and will share more with you the owners as they become more concrete in the weeks and months to follow.

We look forward to your unbelievable support for the club you own again in 2017 and will be doing everything we can to achieve what we all want which is the achieve success on the pitch to match the success off it.

The Boards of the Wrexham Supporters Trust and Wrexham AFC would like to wish everyone associated with Wrexham AFC a very happy and prosperous new year!