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BUILD THE BUDGET | Duck Race At Nant Mill

ducks 43'Build the budget' is continuing to be a great success as Wrexham Football Club have eyes firmly planted on making next season a success on the field.

The latest initiative from Build the budget is our massive duck race which will take place at Nant Mill, Coedpoeth on Saturday July 15th from 11am.

To enter, you simply need to pick up a duck from the club shop at the cost of £5. Each duck is numbered and will be entered in to a series of preliminary races.

The winners from each race will go into a 'super race' later on and the winner of this race will receive a special prize!

It will certainly be a fantastic afternoon for the kids and the whole family while supporting our efforts to build the budget.

The Junior Dragons have committed to supporting the event as their contribution to next seasons big push forward.

Build the budget communications manager Carl Hogan said, "This should be a really good event. As soon as I told my kids about it they wanted to buy a few ducks each and go along for a day of fun as a family!"

Continuing with, "It's just £5 for a duck, get along to the club shop and pick one up but make sure you choose a winner!"

"The latest total is a cool £35,995, if we can sell 100 ducks it's £500 more and it all really does add up. We have donation perks on the club website that have almost sold out with new perks being added in the coming days. It's going really well and although we do have quiet days, momentum hasn't ever stopped being at a fantastic rate."

WST board member and BTB committee member Mike Lewis said, "The plan for the day is the ducks will be split in to a few races with the winner of each race going forward to take part in a super race! The winner of each race will get a prize while the winner of the super race will receive a special prize at the end"

We are thankful to Nant Mill for their cooperation and help in getting this event swimming along!

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