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Director for the Day - Gateshead

DfD GatesheadOur Directors for the Day at the recent game against Gateshead were Aaron Jones and his son, Lloyd.

Lloyd said "Me and my Dad have had an amazing night at being a "Director for the Day", we couldn't have asked for a better host than Sarah (Smith Howard). As always she was amazing and made our experience the best you could have wished for and also a thank you to all the staff at Wrexham who treated us like royalty. We can't thank Sarah and Wrexham enough for the great night we had, to get the win made it even more special!"

Aaron was the lucky winner of a recent competition on the Wrexham Supporters Trust Facebook page for himself and a guest to experience being a "Director for the Day" at the Gateshead match. We will be running more competitions throughout the season, so head over to the Wrexham Supporters Trust Facebook page, give it a like and keep a look out for our next competition and you could also experience being a "Director for the Day" in the future!

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