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Wrexham Community Cup

image1 1Wrexham Inclusion FC, Wrexham Disabled Supporters Association, Bellevue FC, Kick It Out and Fans for Diversity have come together to bring an event to Wrexham promoting inclusion and equality across all levels of football, from grassroots to professional.

With help from many different associations including Wrexham AFC, the FAW Trust, North East Wales Football Association and the North East Wales Football League, Wrexham’s first league registered, multi-ethnic specific team, Bellevue FC have worked wonders in bring different ethnicities together by the power of football and have worked hard to bring this game together.

Saturday 24th February Wrexham Inclusion FC take to the field to play Bellevue FC with Wrexham MP, Ian Lucas, named as the referee for the match and many other local politicians and members of inclusion and diversity charities in attendance. This is a real opportunity to advertise our town as one that supports diversity in our communities and in sport, which is what makes this a great place to live and to enjoy football.

The day will consist of the friendly match to be played at Bellevue Park, before both clubs head to Set the Bar in Wrexham, where Kick it Out will host a meal for both clubs and selected sponsors. Following the meal, the teams will be attending Wrexham AFC against Aldershot Town at the Racecourse where both clubs will be presented at half time to the crowd, and a trophy will be presented to the winners of the match on the Racecourse pitch.

The idea came about after a chance meeting with DSA community member Steve Gilbert and Kick It Out Diversity and Campaigns Manager Anwar Uddin and today all the hard work pays off.

The match will bring together people from all walks of life with both clubs excelling in what they do. On the pitch you will see players from different backgrounds such as depression, learning difficulties, psychosis, self-harm, bipolar, suicide, deaf or hard of hearing, brain injuries, autism and physical disability.
There will also be a variety of nationalities involved on the day such as Welsh, English, Portuguese, Hungarian, Eritrean, Albanian, Romanian, Polish, Libyan, Iraqi and Angolan along with a variety of different religious backgrounds.

Wrexham Inclusion FC manager Carl Austin said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to Derrick from Bellevue FC and Steve from Wrexham DSA for making this happen along with the following organisations; Kick It Out, Wrexham AFC, Set The Bar and NEWFA.”
Please come along on the day to show your support.”

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