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WST BOARD 2018-2019

Following the WST board elections and AGM on 28 June the newly constituted Trust Board met on 2 July and 25 July. The minutes of the 2 July meeting will be available shortly.

In the meantime, details of the “new” Trust Board and their roles are set out below: -

Peter Jones (Chair) – elected by the Trust Board on 2 July

John Mills (Vice Chair) - elected by the Trust Board on 2 July

Brian Phillips (Treasurer) – co-opted by the Trust Board on 2 July

Alan Fox (Independent Secretary) appointed by the Trust Board on 2 July

Spencer Harris, Mark Williams, John Mills and Gavin Jones (Trust Board representatives on the Football Club Board elected by the Trust Board in 2017 for a two-year period)

Richard Ulrich (Membership)

Sarah Smith- Howard (Membership)

Mark Jones (Financial Security and Revenue Generation)

Simon Rhodes (Financial Security and Revenue Generation)

Bryan Still (Financial Security and Revenue Generation)

Mike Lewis (Community)

Stephen Lloyd (Community)

The Board have advertised for an additional board member for co-option to the community group.

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