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Junior and Youth Dragons' Player of the Season Award

Junior and Youth Dragons' Player of…

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Free RCF Soccer School for Junior Dragons

Free RCF Soccer School for Junior D…

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Junior and Youth Dragons Day: Wrexham v Maidstone

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A Night Of Thanks For You The Fans

A Night Of Thanks For You The Fans

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Wrexham AFC – Board Announcements

Wrexham AFC – Board Announcements

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The Reds defeat the Boys in Blue

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WST Members Meeting Report

WST Members Meeting Report

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Wrexham AFC lead the way

Wrexham AFC lead the way

Over the past two seasons...

Wrexham AFC launches ‘Build The Budget’

Wrexham AFC launches ‘Build The Bud…

Wrexham AFC launches &l...

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 wstsmallest Click HERE to join the WST Online Today!  | Click HERE for a Downloadable Form   |  WST Community Share Offer   ycwsmallest

Contribute to the success and future of Wrexham AFC! Featured

We Own Our Football Club.  This is not a slogan, but an actual fact.  So why not join the growing community of fans who can proudly sing 'We Own Our Football Club' and become a member of Wrexham FC.  For as little as £1 per month, you can truly say - YOU OWN YOUR FOOTBALL CLUB.

The WST believes that YOUR football club should be run in the best interests of the local community. The survival of the club over the last few years has been down to the fantastic support and loyalty our club has received from its fans and members of the Trust.

Now is the time to push forward and ensure that Wrexham FC is a club we can be proud of, and pass on to our children, and their children. Being a Member of Wrexham Football Club Trust gives you the opportunity to be part of, and shape, this future. You can join the Club at a number of levels: Junior Dragon, Youth, Adult, Associate or Corporate, each of which has associated benefits.

All adult members over 16 years of age will be entitled to vote on key issues affecting the Football Club at the Annual General Meetings of the Supporters Trust, and participate in the election process for Trust Board members.  In fact, you can further help build a support base that will underpin a more successful and progressive Football Club by taking the opportunity to stand for election yourself to become a Board member.

Not everyone wants to lead however, we recognise this, and so, apart from being an owner of Wrexham FC, what else is in it for you?

We are constantly seeking to update and improve existing membership benefits package. This page is designed to outline the benefits that are on offer for our members.  This information will be constantly updated with new benefits as new benefits become available, so stay tuned to the WST official website for further details;

Current benefits and incentives include:

(to be eligible you will need to produce your Wrexham FC Membership Card)

  • A new style Membership Card

  • A chance to raise questions and issues which the Trust can raise with the Club on your behalf

  • An opportunity to get actively involved in the work of the Football Club.

  • An invitation to exclusive member events

  • Regular communications including fortnightly email digests and Quarterly Newsletters.

  • Future Club Shop discounts

  • Wrexham FC also now offers all members (including Junior Dragon and Youth members) who travel to away games to watch Wrexham are now insured in having a full refund if they travel to an away game and the match is postponed. This is in addition to the member's discount of £2 for travelling on the official Supporters coaches.

  • Discounts at local business establishments (details will be included here shortly)

  • Priority to purchase match tickets for fixtures where availability is limited

  • Discount off ticket prices for selected home league games

    How to become a Wrexham FC Member

    Joining Instantly Online

    You can join the Football Club online HERE with a number of different methods of payment using your credit / debit card. Simply click on the link and follow the on-page instructions to set up your preferred Membership options.

    If you don’t want to join on-line, please download, print and fill in the Membership Application Form.

    Standing Order

    Paying by Standing Order means you don’t have to remember to renew your membership every year and it helps to minimise the Football Clubs running costs. You can pay annually or monthly by Standing Order. Just download, print and complete the relevant Standing Order section on the Membership Application Form and send it to your Bank, returning your completed Membership Application Form(s) section to: FREEPOST WST (no stamp required)

    Remember, adult membership costs a minimum of £12 a year but if you can afford it, please add a donation or increase your monthly\annual contribution to help make a difference.

    You will need the Adobe Reader to view and print these forms. If you don’t have it on your PC or Mac you can download it free: Click here

    Renewing Your membership

    To RENEW your membership simply send a cheque to: Wrexham Supporters Trust, FREEPOST WST (no stamp required)

    On the back of the cheque add your Membership number, the word 'RENEW' and the period for which you wish to renew, e.g. 1 year.

    Alternatively, click  to HERE renew online



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