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Directors for the Day- Havant & Waterlooville

Directors for the Day- Havant &…

Directors for the Day a...

LGBTQ Social gathering

LGBTQ Social gathering

Calling all Wrexham AFC s...

Directors for the Day - Barnet

Directors for the Day - Barnet

Our Directors for the D...

Part Time Kit Person (Temporary Role) - Wrexham AFC

Part Time Kit Person (Temporary Rol…

Job Summary: Wrexham AFC...

Celebrity Chase Quiz Update

Celebrity Chase Quiz Update

The WST are looking for...

Directors for the Day - Ebbsfleet United

Directors for the Day - Ebbsfleet U…

Our 'Directors for the Da...

Monday's Members Meeting

Monday's Members Meeting

Monday evening saw the ...

Wrexham AFC Youth Department chosen as beneficiaries tomorrow V Ebbsfleet

Wrexham AFC Youth Department chosen…

Tomorrow’s collecti...

Membership Update – Disabled Platform

Membership Update – Disabled Platfo…

Wrexham AFC is committed ...

Director of the Day v Halifax

Director of the Day v Halifax

The Director of the Day f...

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How does the WST work?

The Trust Board will ensure that the business of the Trust is conducted in accordance with the Rules of the Trust and in the interest of the community. The Board can have up to 15 members, including the 8 officers and 3 other elected members. The remainder can be co-opted. The board must have the skills, expertise and experience, which it needs to operate effectively. The press/publicity officer will have responsibility for dealing with the press/media and will be the sole spokesperson for the Trust.

Elected members (i.e. supporters)

Supporters of Wrexham FC run the Trust. These make up the Trust Board. The 12 elected supporter members and four co-opted members can each serve for a maximum of three years before facing re-election. The first of these were elected at the first AGM held in June 2004. Any eligible member over 16 can put themselves forward for election to the Trust Board. If you meet the criteria you can put yourself forward for election.

Co-opted members

Up to four people can be invited to join the Board as a "Co-opted" Director. The people invited in this way are likely to have additional skills that would be useful to the Trust or be representatives of other important bodies (such as Supporter Groups or the Council etc). They will also serve for a maximum of two years, but can be invited to continue.

What do they get paid?

Nothing. The constitution does not allow for any salary to be awarded to Board members unless approved by a vote of the members. The present Board members have no intention of putting such a request to members.

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