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Wrexham AFC Player of the Season Dinner 2018-19

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Directors for the Day- Braintree

Directors for the Day- Braintree

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Junior Dragons' Halifax Away Day

Junior Dragons' Halifax Away Day

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Directors for the Day - Maidstone

Directors for the Day - Maidstone

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Sporting Lunch

Sporting Lunch

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Wrexham AFC Player of the Season Dinner 2019

Wrexham AFC Player of the Season Di…

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Wrexham AFC Season 2019\2020 Official Playing Kit Club Members Poll

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What is a Trust?

A Supporters Trust is a democratic organisation of supporters. Our aims are to secure the future of the club, keeping the club with the fans where it belongs. It is not a protest group. Rather, it is the long-term solution for supporters to have a say in the future of their club. It is not just another Supporters Club, but an umbrella organisation;

The Trust is its membership; that is, every single person who has signed a Trust membership form. The Board is just the vehicle by which the Trust will establish itself. They are elected by a democratic election at which any member is eligible to stand for office.

The Trust is an Industrial & Provident Society (IPS) fully regulated by the Industrial and Provident Societies Act and accountable for all its financial dealings and transactions. An IPS belongs to its membership. Literally. Every member owns a £1 nominal share in the Trust. Those shares cannot be traded or transferred. The share entitles the member to a vote; one member - one vote. Each eligible member has the right to stand for election to the Trust Board, to vote in the election of Trust Board representatives and to attend the AGM.

Our constitution has been drawn up by Cobbetts, a law firm which works close with the Co-operative party and the Co-operative Bank. Cobbetts are widely regarded as the country's leading experts in this area. Everything that the Trust does is guided and controlled by its constitution. The rules of the Trust are available for inspection from the Trust. It is also situated on the Trust's web site www.wst.org.uk Alternatively, it can be requested by post on payment of a£2.50 fee (to cover copying and postage fees). The beauty of being an IPS is that it has a written constitution in place that ensures all the administrative and financial details are clearly defined and transparent - a basic essential so that all members can have faith in the structure of the Trust, so allowing them to concentrate on the real work of the Trust, and ensuring that the Trust is a democratic society.


  • All actions and conduct regulated by Registrar of Friendly Societies
  • Registrar ensures the Trust and its officers act legally and appropriately in respect of our Constitution
  • The Trust is guided and controlled by the Constitution - based on a tried and test model drawn up specifically for Supporters' Direct by an expert in the field.
  • The Trust belongs to its membership - one member, one share with a nominal value of £1.
  • Shares cannot be traded or transferred nor do they carry any rights to interest, dividend or bonus.

Why do we need a Trust?
The past 11 years was without doubt the greatest threat ever to the survival of Wrexham as a Football League club. The demise of ITV Digital, the collapse of the transfer market and spiralling wage costs have all contributed to the club's debts, but none have contributed to the club being placed in administration on 3rd December 2004 more than the actions of Mark Guterman and Alex Hamilton. Of course, the innocent victims in all of what happened were us, the supporters.

There's always been talk of the supporters getting together and exercising our collective strength to influence the way the club is run and to turn back the tide of the club becoming more and more distant from us, the supporters. But until the turn of the century there was no real idea about how to go about this so it would work. The Trust is simply a tried and tested way to achieve this.

So the Trust is just an organisation where all supporters can get together in a very structured way - making it easy for the club to understand what the supporters, as a body, feel about a particular issue and because it can deliver a single message from a large body of people the strength of that message is difficult for the club to ignore.

Wrexham Supporters Trust is fully committed to ensuring the long- term survival of Wrexham FC.

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