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Junior Dragons Enjoy Racecourse Tour and Quiz

Junior Dragons Enjoy Racecourse Tou…

Over 100 Junior Dragons e...

Wrexham AFC lead the way

Wrexham AFC lead the way

Over the past two seasons...

Wrexham AFC launches ‘Build The Budget’

Wrexham AFC launches ‘Build The Bud…

Wrexham AFC launches &l...

Dean Keates signs 3.5 Year Contract at Wrexham AFC

Dean Keates signs 3.5 Year Contract…

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Auction Night

Auction Night

With Auction night now le...

February Club Members Meeting

February Club Members Meeting

This months Club Members ...

My Racecourse Update

My Racecourse Update

OLLY MURS | Louisa Johnso...

And the Winners are.......

And the Winners are.......

Following a well supporte...

Not receiving Club Member emails?

Not receiving Club Member emails?

We have again noted tha...

Wrexham AFC Season 2017\2018 Official Playing Kit Club Members Poll

Wrexham AFC Season 2017\2018 Offici…

Voting for the Wrexh...

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 wstsmallest Click HERE to join the WST Online Today!  | Click HERE for a Downloadable Form   |  WST Community Share Offer   ycwsmallest

What's in it for you?

The Trust exists for the benefit of its members - YOU!!! The aims of the Trust are all about the well being of the club, bringing it closer to the community of Wrexham and North Wales and helping the development of young footballers in the area. By supporting the Trust you support these ideals.

Any money you contribute, through a standing order or share fund contribution will go 100% towards the fight for the long-term future of Wrexham FC, whilst also enhancing the standing of the Trust in the process. The cost of running the Trust will be kept to a minimum and will be met from a proportion of the membership fees. It is democratic - one member gets one vote no matter how much money they give.

180px-Ryan Valentine scores

The Trust will continue to seek Supporters representation on the Board of Wrexham FC so your voice can be heard. And if you have a reasonable point to make, and persuade other members of the Trust to back your arguments, it could soon become club policy. By supporting the Trust, you will help with the aim that Wrexham supporters will have a significant say in how the club is run in the future. By joining the Trust , you can rightfully claim to own a piece of the Red Dragons. We believe that the Trust, by bringing the community closer to the club will help to pull things together off the field. The enjoyment that comes from following an entertaining and successful team on the field may take a little time but it will surely follow.

  • Rules state that it must be inclusive so that anyone who cares about the club can join
  • The Trust aims are all about the long-term well being of Wrexham FC, bringing it closer to our community and helping the development of football in the area.
  • By supporting the Trust you support these ideals.
  • Any money it receives can only be used toward achieving its aims and will only ever be used for the betterment of Wrexham FC.
  • Your Trust membership makes you an equal part owner of Wrexham FC and your voice will be heard NOW. It is democratic, one member gets one vote no matter how much money they give.
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