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My Racecourse Memories

Nathan Lee Davies is a key member of the Wrexham Disabled Supporters Association, who is right behind our My Racecourse campaign. Despite a debilitating condition he does all he can to contribute to Wrexham AFC's success.

He has agreed to pen for us a series of short stories over the summer detailing what the Racecourse means to fans and former players alike.  To do this he needs your help and has put together the following online form for you to use to share your Racecourse memories with fellow fans in an enjoyable and straightforward manner.  You can leave the time consuming details to Nathan who will compile the match details and add a paragraph or two about the game in question.  


 Of course your Racecourse memories may not involve a match day and could take place in the Centenary Club, club shop or any of the hospitality areas around the ground, such as the day we helped raise the money needed to placate the Conference.  


 Thank you for giving your time to help promote the My Racecourse brand and we look forward to reading your submissions. 

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