Alan Fox

My name is Alan Fox. I was first taken to the Racecourse by my father in the mid-1960s and have been coming back ever since- which probably explains why my hair is the colour it is. I have been the Trust’s independent secretary since answering an advert in 2012. The Trust is a community benefit society regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and, as secretary, part of my job is to provide impartial advice and ensure that the Board applies the Rules and policies and acts in accordance with its objects. The secretary acts as the “guardian” of the Trust independent of the Board. Although I don’t have a vote, I attend Trust and Football Club board meetings contributing to discussions and providing whatever support I can including overseeing the annual elections and the AGM and undertaking whatever duties the Board(s) delegate to me which are varied and can be very interesting!

As a solicitor, my legal background certainly helps. I have long been a supporter of cooperatives and realised that, if the Club was to survive, the fans had to get to together and do it ourselves. I have worked with some brilliant fans (board members and non-board members) from different backgrounds who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the Club is now in its healthiest state than for many a year. All we need now is for that success to transmit itself to the pitch. It won’t be for lack of trying.

I would encourage all fans to help in whatever way they can. Our fans are our strength. Without them there would not be a club to support

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