Sarah Smith Howard

My name is Sarah Smith-Howard and I am now entering into my 2nd season on the Wrexham Football Club governing body (WST Trust Board). Having spent a year working with Paul and Mike on the revenue generation team, I now look forward to my new challenge with Richard on the Fan Ownership team, being the best we can possibly be, something I’m very passionate about.

In my professional career, I am a business manager for a global fashion brand.Over the years I have gained a vast experience in all things retail, marketing and brand protection, all of which are transferable skills available to the club.

I enjoy playing my part in delivering something special at Wrexham Football Club and I take my roles and responsibilities very seriously, as I would if it was my own business, always wanting us to do well both on and off the pitch. I am relatively new to the Wrexham family, the passion and enthusiasm of the fans captured my heart and I have been addicted ever since.

I am a strong and determined woman, I believe that life is for living and you get out what you put in, with this in mind I put my all into everything I do, be it my passions, my social life or my family. But much more than anything I love being part of the Wrexham family and will always work extremely hard to do what is best for our club going forward!

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