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It was 15 Years ago!

 It was 15 Years ago!

WREXHAM Football Club has long had a reputation for giant killing thats why we are planning to celebrate the 15th anniversary of beating Arsenal soon.

But some of our fans are giant killers too. One name in particular stands out; that of Kenny Pemberton. The man who brought the legendary pink taxi to Wrexham. The man whose suits would leap out at you from the pages of the newspapers. And, crucially, the man who helped bring some of Hamiltons activities to light through various courtroom disclosures and who helped Wrexham to get out of his clutches.

Although the full story may have to remain quiet  (unlike Kenny on his phone), rest assured Wrexham owes Kenny Pemberton a great deal.  And with his legal bills still needing to be paid, we are delighted that the club has announced Kenny Pemberton day and that Wrexhams finest, the Declan Swans, are doing a fundraising gig for him.

Both the Kenny day at the Racecourse a move which Anthony Fairclough should be commended for and the Swans gig are a week tomorrow, November 25.

That is also the date of the next home game, against Lincloln; and by now, we are starting to get into a habit at home games; we hold a surgery for WST members to come and discuss any issues or concerns with members of the Board. At least two members of the WST board attend each of these surgeries, ready and willing to listen. They are the ideal avenue for people who have genuine concerns or suggestions about the way the WST board or its members to speak up and we encourage anyone who has something to say to come and talk to us at our surgeries. The surgery runs from 1.30pm at the Wrexham Lager club.

Talking of lager (as we like to) if youre stocking up for Christmas or just fancy a stocking filler for Christmas, we are making available crates of 12 bottles of our fine Benno and Tommy lagers from the WST shop near the Turf.
While there, you can also stock up on raffle tickets, as were sure youll have sold the ones sent out with your newsletters already.

One thing we dont have anymore is Christmas party tickets the WST evening has proved to be a sell out. Anyone who bought a ticket, thank you those who didnt, dont worry, well have many more great events coming up soon.

As ever, we are online at www.wst.org.uk or on our mobile at 07981 151 958.

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