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Wrexham, a truly united football club

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Wrexham Players Become Part Owners Of The Club!

The entire first team squad at Wrexham have agreed to sign up for membership of the Wrexham Supporters Trust, the group that owns the Blue Square Premier club. The Trust already has nearly 2,500 members, making monthly contributions that help finance the club, now those membership numbers have been boosted by the players decision to join up as well.

WST and Dean Keates
The Wrexham manager, Andy Morrell and his assistant, Billy Barr, have already signed up themselves, so with fans, players and coaching staff all on board, Wrexham can claim to be a truly united football club.

Wrexham captain Dean Keates has been instrumental in persuading his teammates to follow his lead and become members of WST. ¢‚¬Å“Im delighted the lads have decided to join the Trust,¢‚¬ he says, ¢‚¬Å“The fans helped us financially in the bad times when the players wages werent being paid before The Trust took control last December. The players all really appreciated their efforts and the least we can do is to make our own contribution to what we hope will be a much brighter future for this great club.¢‚¬

Sky Sports reporter and lifelong Wrexham fan, Bryn Law, is the Trusts President. Hes welcomed the news that all the players will be joining him as members, ¢‚¬Å“This is a brilliant gesture by the players. It feels great going along to the Racecourse anyway these days, knowing that every penny we put in as fans is being used for the good of the club. Now we know that the players on the pitch share our vision of a self-sufficient, successful club that truly represents the community. As foreign ownership becomes ever more common at the highest level of the game, further down the ladder Im so proud that we are all in it together, fans, players, management. Were all in it together, a proper United club! Hopefully many more fans will now do what the players have done and join The Trust. The more members we have, the more money the manager has to spend.¢‚¬
Trust membership costs as little as £12 a year, and the WST recently launched a successful Community Shares Scheme that has seen supporters obtaining shares in the club for a minimum investment of £100.
Wrexham Supporters Trust has been in existence for ten years. It was established initially to provide funds to help the club through financial hardships but soon broadened its ambitions to one day taking control of the club, an ambition it finally achieved at the end of 2011 and in the process has raised almost £750,000 to support this achievement.
Its recently been established that Wrexham FC played its first game in 1864, making it one of the oldest clubs in the world.

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