Tuesday, 20 May 2008 23:17

WST Board Elections 2008

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We are pleased to announce the next steps in the WST Board Elections 2008.

We have received a total of ten nominations for the WST Board. There are eight board positions to be filled.

Three nominations met theoriginal published deadline of May 9th in full, and Spencer Harris, Haydn Taylor and Gavin Jones are duly confirmed as members of the new board, which will be formed following the AGM on June 12th.

One incomplete nomination was submitted prior to the original deadline butwas completed and accepted along with six further nominations prior to the extended deadline of May 14th.

Consequently the following seven candidates will now enter a ballot for the remaining five vacant board positions:

Brian Cameron

Brian Davies

Bryn Jones

Peter Jones

Paul Sleeman

Nick Stockdale

Tony Williams.

Invitationsand supporting documents for the Trusts Annual General Meeting will be posted to all members over the next few days and will include ballot papers and candidate profiles for the election ballot. An independent scrutineer has been appointedby Supporters Direct and will attend the AGM on June 12th to announce the results of the election ballot.

Thank you to all nominees, proposer and seconders for participating in this years Board election.