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Response to the WST letter of 6th January 2009

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Response to the WST letter of 6th January 2009


 Following our submission of questions to the Executive Committee of the Council last week (see previous article) the Secretary of the Society has received the following response.


Dear Mr. Jones,

Further to my recent e-mail on this matter, Mr. Trevor Coxon, the
Council's Chief Legal and Democratic Services Officer, has contacted
the Council Leader, Councillor Aled Roberts, and concerns have been
expressed about the proximity to and connection with a live planning
application for redevelopment of the Racecourse Ground.

I understand that the Council Leader met representatives of the Trust
yesterday, 13 January, and advised them that he would not wish the
Executive Board to respond to questions at this time which are so
closely linked with the planning application. However, the Trust's
representatives were advised to refer the concerns and observations
contained in their letter to the Planning Department to be taken into
account when the planning report is prepared for Members of the
Planning Committee.

Please note that the Council Leader would be happy to receive
questions about the Council's support for the Club and the future of
the Racecourse once the planning application has been determined if
the Trust still wishes to pursue the matter at that time.

Your sincerely,

Committee and Member Services Manager
Wrexham County Borough Council.

Although we sympathise with the local authorities position we are disappointed that we will not be able to highlight the issue of the International Stadium for North Wales with members of that Committee on a public forum.

In particular as many prominent members of the Council have, in the past, publicly stated the importance of this facility to the town and North Wales.

The board of the WST will be writing to all elected members of the authority and the planning department with our observations in the near future. It is vital to the future of the football club that all issues surrounding the development are dealt with prior to detailed consent being granted for Phase 1 of the development.