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Members update #2


Further to yesterdays briefing document.

Due Diligence

Despite numerous requests, Wrexham Village have yet to open up the books to WST.

In a conversation with the WST last night, Cllr Phil Wynn seemed shocked that we had not received anything regards due-diligence as he wanted to discuss the clubs present financial plight, which unfortunately the Trust has no sight of.

Ashley Ward

Representatives of WST met with the Ashley Ward consortium at the Council offices, with a Council representative on Saturday, prior to the match.  Their high level proposals did not excite us.

Their ¢‚¬Å“briefly outlined¢‚¬ plans would:

  • not secure the stadium
  • allow for fettered fan representation
  • allow a token shareholding in ¢‚¬Å“yet-to-be-decided¢‚¬ company structure

The Ward consortium was unwilling to state who their backers were at this time, but were very keen to get the WST money.

We understand that Stephanie Booth has also had a meeting with the Council and Ward consortium prior to ours.  This meeting, which weve been led to believe, was more detailed than ours and that Ms Booth was invited to join this new consortium in some capacity.

The board of the WST have now agreed to meet again with the Ward consortium next week.

Stephanie Booth

On Monday we e-mailed Stephanie Booths representative Nigel Davies, requesting a follow up meeting. He responded positively yesterday evening with a view to meeting next week.

However, we are now given to understand that Stephanie Booth has withdrawn her ¢‚¬Å“bid¢‚¬ for the club.


WST is willing and happy to work with any party who has the best interests of the club and stadium at heart.  Requirements for our support will be set by our membership at our upcoming EGM.

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