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Joint Statement - Wrexham v Chester

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hudsonFollowing joint planning meetings in relation to the Wrexham AFC and Chester FC fixtures for the coming season, all parties, including both Chester and Wrexham Football Clubs, Cheshire Police and North Wales Police have agreed, that in the continued interests of safety, both games will remain all ticket, with supporters travelling to the matches on officially organised coaches.

All parties are committed to working towards returning these fixtures to ‘normality’ with standard kick-off times and, as a result it has been agreed that these fixtures will both take place on the dates already set and will have 2pm kick-off times. The main driving factors in the implementation of these conditions remains to be; reducing the potential for disorder, the safety of fans, residents & visitors to Wrexham and Chester town / city centres & minimal disruption to businesses and local communities.

During the last two seasons whilst these conditions have been in place, both Forces have seen a decline in the number of persons arrested at the fixtures and there has been a noticeable absence of any disorder or disruption to the communities outside of the two stadiums.

However, at the more recent fixture at Wrexham, damage was caused to seating in the Racecourse Ground by a small minority of Chester supporters. As a result of a very positive and ongoing relationship between the clubs, Chester FC have agreed to reimburse Glyndwr University for the damage caused. Unfortunately, the actions of these few supporters continues to highlight issues of concern, which have a potential to impact upon the safety of other supporters and the wider general public. These actions also have a direct bearing on the implementation of the transport arrangements surrounding these fixtures.

There has been recent speculation that fixtures against Tranmere Rovers may be subject to the same conditions. This is not the case as the same level of historical public disorder in relation to Tranmere fixtures does not exist for either Wrexham or Chester Football Clubs. Therefore there is no current plan to use the Safe transport arrangements for the Tranmere Fixtures.

Two well contested and incident free fixtures will see these arrangements reviewed and will further support consideration of a return to 3pm kick-offs and independent travel. However, incidents of disorder or further damage to either stadium will not be tolerated and will give grounds for concern that the games cannot take place without safe transport arrangements.

1,200 tickets have been allocated to Wrexham supporters for the Chester game in October, the Clubs will be announcing the detailed ticketing arrangements in due course on their websites.

These measures are intended to help to make the event safe and enjoyable for everyone, whilst minimising any potential disruption to local communities, businesses and the general public.

Planning for the fixture continues, involving both Clubs along with Cheshire and North Wales Police and other agencies.