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Press release from Wrexham Supporters Trust

Friday 26th August 2011 - for immediate release

Internal Trust emails dealing with matters relating to information and documents sought by the trust from Wrexham 2006 ltd have been leaked to the press after being inadvertently sent to Jon Harris at the club.  We anticipate some media coverage of this and will seek to respond to matters that may appear in the media.

The sequence of e mails mainly relates to the difficulties the Trust had in receiving material that has been sought to complete due diligence and the requirements of the football authorities. It captures some tensions in relationships and the fact that some material remained unavailable.

In referring to these tensions a comment was made that some of the parties might have difficulties working together in the future, namely Jon Harris and Richard Green. A reference was then made to a view that Dean Saunders might consider his position if Jon Harris were to leave the club and that there could be an adverse reaction to that situation. No offence was intended within that comment and the author of the email has already apologised for any offence that has been taken. The comment itself was essentially a reminder to the recipients of an understanding of the relationship between the manager and Mr Harris it was not an adverse comment on the manager at all and it was never intended as such. All Wrexham fans were happy and enthused by the level of performance achieved by Dean and his team last season in achieving 4th place in the league and are happy to see that that level of performance continued through to the start of this season.

The trust board believes that the release of this confidential exchange does deserve an explanation from all parties. The Trust has therefore provided its open and honest account as quickly as possible to maintain its position on openness and transparency. This explanation has been offered to Dean Saunders as has the apology which has been submitted through Mr Moss.

Of course the email was inadvertently circulated to Mr Harris as the sole recipient within the club. It is not readily apparent why it has been leaked and circulated as it has been within the club and media. It is not clear what purpose this seeks to achieve at this time in the negotiations for transfer of ownership for the club. The Trust Board emphasise that they still require information from the club to progress and, taking account of the fact that no offence was intended to any party by this e mail, the Trust Board would hope that the central issue of the deal can be progressed with the final material for due diligence and the final material to allow an application to be made to the football authorities.
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