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My Racecourse, Our Bars! The Result.....

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cent2The voting for the 'My Racecourse, Our Bars!' has been completed and counted.

There was a good response to this opportunity,with a large number of votes registered.In the renaming of the current 1873 Suite, the voting made it very easy to selct a winner, which was The 1864 Suite, by a landslide.

However, the voting for the Centenary Club ended up in a three way tie, with The Red Dragon, Joey's Bar and Neal's sharing the spoils. Obviously, the feelings about this renaming was a lot more mixed. Also, we noticed that there was a groundswell of opinion to retain the name The Centenary Club, which we neglected to include in the various available options ( many apologies, a mistake on our part!).

Given this opinion amongst fans, we have decided NOT to rename the Centenary club in the short term ( or, rather, for this season at least). However, to give everyone input in to the decision, we will soon be inviting fans who visit the Cent to make their feelings known about renaming by having a suggestion box available. The three 'winners' from the voting, he Red Dragon, Joey's Bar and Neal's , will be included in the future options available if we ever do rename the Cent.

As stated,when we assume full control of the Racecourse (very soon now!), we wanted to rename the 1873 Suite and The Centenary Club to reflect our identity as a club and drive usage of what will be enhanced facilities. However, we NEVER want to lose sight of our history,and especially the opinions and views of those most important to everything we do, the fans and owners of Wrexham AFC.