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Proposed Players Fund

Player fundWe have been contacted by a group of fans via social media wishing the football club to set up a ‘crowd fundraising’ account to help raise additional monies to support Dean Keates playing budget.

The Boards of the WST and Football Club have been made aware of an initiative on a fans forum regarding instituting a fund to add to Dean Keates playing budget for this season. We note that a large number of pledges have been very generously made by fans (totaling circa £4k), but there is no mechanism that had been set up by those that started the initiative of collecting or passing on of the money raised, and subsequently, one of the fans involved has contacted the Commercial department directly to get the Club to set up a way of getting money in to the player budget.

As a fans owned club we are very mindful that indeed it is our supporters who already provide us with a large proportion of the income that sustains Wrexham AFC on an annual basis through Club membership, attendance at games, purchasing of merchandise and fundraising efforts amongst others. As a result of the brilliant support you already provide to your Football Club we are always cautious in any requests for additional funds especially at such an expensive time of year such as Christmas. However we would never turn down any donations willingly offered. Wrexham AFC is ALWAYS happy to accept money to take the Club forward, and regularly gratefully accepts donations through the already existing methods (Cheques, cash at the Club office and credit\debit cards also via the Donation module on the right column of the WST website www.wst.org.uk ).

We have discussed this at both WST and Club Board level over the past week,and examined every facet of what needs to be done. In this case we would like to follow the example set up to bolster playing budgets for the start of a season at Grimsby, who raised over £110k to aid their campaign which led to promotion back to league football, and Macclesfield, who raised around £40k for their respective Player Fund. As a group of fans are asking us to do this, at our upcoming Meet the Manager meeting on Thursday 24th November starting 7:30pm in the Centenary Club we will consult with Club Members to take their views on whether the Club should set up a ‘crowd fundraising’ type account to support our efforts to challenge for a return to the Football League. If fans want us to do it, we propose that we (the Football Club) set up, launch and publicise such a scheme to ALL fans, but aimed at starting after the end of this/beginning of next season , with the aim of maximising the budget available to Dean for next seasons push. Obviously, this would allow us to ensure that everything is set up correctly to make certain (as far as possible) ALL contributions go directly to the player budget, with no losses to percentages creamed off by donation websites.

We understand the frustration some fans may have with this longer term view,but we believe this would be the best method of driving the Club and team forward. Rest assured that we do, and will continue, to provide Dean with every available penny we can over and above the current player budget over the coming months. As always, any money raised above that necessary to balance the Clubs books STILL goes directly to the First Team budget (which, just to reconfirm, was exactly the same as last years player budget at the start of the season, and has NEVER been reduced in any way!).

And to help us continue to try to boost Dean's budget for this current season, we cannot stress how important your support is, and we need all fans to contribute in the best way possible, by coming to The Racecourse, and supporting Wrexham AFC.

If anyone has any further questions,observations or ideas, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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