WST AGM 2021

Welcome to the Wrexham Supporters Trust AGM Mini Site. Here you will find important information, key dates, and documents regarding the AGM.

Proposed AGM Date

It is the intention of the Board to hold and an AGM in April. The exact date and meeting venue will be confirmed in a formal notice of an AGM. At the time of writing, COVID regulations permit meetings to take place but we will take a further view on guidance at the time of calling the AGM.

Updated Constitution

Following the approved sale of the Club that was concluded in February 2021, we have been advised by the Football Supporters Association (“FSA”) (formerly Supporters Direct) that we should adopt a new Rules that reflects that we are no longer owners of the Club. This has also coincided with the new model rules being agreed by the FSA and the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”).

The proposed new rules of the Society can be viewed by following this link and you can view a summary document that compares the existing and proposed new rules by following this link.

Election Management Group

To commence elections to the Board the Society must follow our adopted Election Policy. The first action is the formation of an Election Management Group (“EMG”). We can confirm that Mark Randles of Tranmere Supporters Trust has agreed to act as the Independent Chair of the EMG. The other members of the EMG are Sarah Smith-Burkhardt and Clive Jones and I will support the EMG with administration matters.

Number of vacancies for the Society Board

There are currently nine vacancies to the Society Board. If the updated constitution is approved at the AGM then this will reduce to three.

Nominations to the Board

Please follow this link to make your nominations to the board.

You and your two nominees must have been a member since 28 December 2021 and your membership must be paid up by 11 April 2022.

Request for Questions for Candidates

Following an ordinary resolution passed at a Special General Meeting of the Society in 2020 the Election Policy requires members to propose specific questions for each candidate to answer with responses provided alongside their candidate’s statement.

The questions should be in the form that will allow candidates to provide answers with reference to their understanding of the role and skills involved in board membership, and what skills / experience they will bring to the board in the event of election.

If you would like to submit a relevant question, then please e-mail me on with the subject “Questions for candidates” by 12 March 2022.

Member Resolutions

The AGM of the Society allows member resolutions to be proposed to the wider membership providing it is in accordance with Rule 27 of the Society. The Board are planning to propose a new constitution at the AGM and I would hope that any questions are covered in the consultation process we have identified above. This does not prevent a member from proposing any changes to the Rules but acceptance of the Rules may not be accepted by the FCA but I will work with any member regarding rule changes.

If you would like to submit a specific resolution to the AGM then please e-mail me on with the subject “Resolution for the AGM” by 12 March 2022.

Board Resolution

Members will be aware that a vote was passed at the SGM in 2020 that permitted the Society to enter into a head of terms with Wrexham County Borough Council for the use of the Groves as a potential Training Ground. The Club have confirmed that they no longer require the use of the Groves and the Board will be proposing a resolution that reverses the decision of the SGM in 2020.

WST Accounts

The accounts of the Society for the period ending 31st December 2020 can be viewed by following this link.