Annual General Meeting Update


The Society Board met this week and confirmed the members of the Election Management Group (EMG), and as such, we can now invite applications for elections to the Society Board.

We are pleased to confirm that Christine Robinson of City Fans United will be the Independent Chair of the EMG. Christine will be joined by Trust members, Clive Popplewell and Liam Randall.

Elections to the Society Board

As previously advised, there are two vacancies for the Society Board at the AGM and nominations must be submitted by completing the online nomination form.

The deadline for submitting your nomination is Sunday, 4th June 2023.

Reminder of deadline for resolutions from members

The AGM of the Society allows member resolutions to be proposed to the wider membership, providing it is in accordance with Rule 27 of the Society. If you would like to submit a specific resolution to the AGM then please e-mail with the subject “Resolution for the AGM” by 29 May 2023.

AGM Notice

Details of the AGM venue and arrangements, including voting, will be announced in an official notice once candidates have been confirmed by the EMG.