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The WST need to respond to a growing social media storm regarding the club taking over the stewarding of the viewing platform at the Racecourse Stadium from the Disabled Supporters Association. It is important that the situation is clarified and people understand the background to the decision which has come about in the run up to and post the Ebbsfleet United home fixture.
In the run up to Ebbsfleet United at home, Wrexham AFC received a request from the DSA for complimentary tickets and a presentation on the pitch before our game against St Mirren Colts for a group called the ‘Allies in Access’ group Call out the name of the teams they represent here i.e. not Wrexham AFC. Unfortunately we were unable to facilitate the request as rules of the competition do not allow for complimentary tickets to be given out apart from those stipulated by the competition rules. The presentation on the pitch was for the ‘Allies in Access’ group which had won an award recently at the Fans for diversity awards which Wrexham DSA attended. The Allies in Access are a West Midland football clubs group (Walsall, Wolves, West Brom, Birmingham and Aston Villa) who support their own clubs with disability requirements. Unfortunately Wrexham AFC were unable to facilitate this request due to the tunnel area being restricted from 2pm onwards on a matchday but offered the DSA to invite the ‘Allies in Access’ group for a pitchside photograph on a non match day which still stands. Non access through the tunnel area is standard practice at all of our home games.

Upon receiving the news in an email reply to the DSA from Wrexham AFC, the DSA contacted the club on Friday 27th September to inform us they were going on ‘strike’ and would not be attending the Ebbsfleet game the following day in protest. The DSA also informed the stadium manager and our DLO they were not prepared to supply the names of the supporters attending the platform or run the Audio Descriptive Commentary (ADC). This left Wrexham AFC in a difficult position and with no alternative other than to steward the platform inside the stadium so some of our most vulnerable supporters received the match day services they have become accustomed to. The arrangements were put in place via Kerry Evans our Official Wrexham AFC DLO. Wrexham AFC also contacted the suppliers of the ADC to see if we could make alternative arrangements to allow our supporters who use the service an option to have the commentary on the day. As a contingency measure we had made plans for the commentator to sit next to the users of the commentary service.
The day of the home fixture versus Ebbsfleet United. Thankfully a DSA committee member contacted the club on the Saturday morning to say that they were prepared to organise the ADC as Wrexham AFC did not have access to the equipment required due to it being looked after by the DSA. Wrexham AFC are grateful to the DSA committee member for providing the service as we know how valuable the supporters who use the ADC in enhancing their match day experience.

At midday in the run up to the game the DSA, having previously informed us they were withholding the names of who was due to be on the platform, thankfully they changed their stance and provided the names of the platform users to the club.

Unfortunately, Wrexham AFC were unable to provide any assistance with the car parking in Glyndwr University as Wrexham AFC does not have the relationship for organising activities in the car park area which is organised by the DSA in conjunction with the owners of the car park.

Following the Ebbsfleet United Fixture
An email was sent to the DSA the following Thursday as we had not been informed as to whether the DSA were going to resume their role providing stewarding on the platform for the Harrogate Town game next Tuesday evening. So that alternative arrangements could be met a deadline was put in place after which time the club would seek to make alternative arrangements as 12pm is the cut off for making staffing arrangements.

The DSA replied to an email after that deadline and as such Wrexham AFC had already acted and put alternative arrangements into place to ensure the platforms use for our supporters on Tuesday and the rest of the season so we can be certain to keep continuity of services to fans. The decision was not taken lightly and given the situation Kerry Evans, Wrexham AFC Disability Liaison Officer has agreed to take over the organisation of the platform along with her other roles at the club which will not be affected by her taking the extra work on.

The DSA kindly agreed to deliver the ADC at the Ebbsfleet game and have been invited to continue to deliver the service at the Racecourse Ground. Should the DSA feel unable to provide the receivers on match day to our supporters who use the service, Wrexham AFC will look to source more receivers to ensure the service can continue and if that were the case there would inevitably be a short disruption.

There appears to be some confusion regarding the DSA and disability projects being run by Wrexham AFC through Kerry Evans, Wrexham AFC Disability Liaison Officer. The split of activities organised has been:
Wrexham AFC DLO responsible for the Autism Friendly area quiet room ensuring the smooth running of these important areas on match day
Kerry Evans, in her capacity of Wrexham AFC DLO has also organised the accessible away travel scheme, been instrumental in Wrexham AFC and The Racecourse being the first professional football club in Wales to be granted Autistic Friendly status, dementia friendly status for the ground, autism friendly football sessions, anti bullying workshops in schools and represents Wrexham AFC in her official capacity at many community events in the area. Kerry will continue to provide our supporters with all the usual along with these extra tasks.
The DSA role on matchday had provided stewards for the viewing plaform, handed out receivers for the ADC and worked with the WSA on the Blue badge car parking as well as supporting their members.

Below is a copy of the email sent to the DSA informing them of the decision by Wrexham AFC in the spirit of openness and transparency:

“Thanks for your reply Andy.

Unfortunately as the DSA did not reply until after the 12pm deadline, which was required by us, Wrexham AFC had no alternative but to ensure the services were available for some of our most vulnerable of supporters.

As such, the DSA presence will not be required on the platform for Tuesday evening at Wrexham AFC and for the remainder of the season. Our disabled supporters rely on the provision of services and we have to ensure they continue to receive a high quality service without the potential for any possible disruption as it really makes a difference to their match day experience.

Wrexham AFC will continue to strive for excellence with regards to inclusion and diversity as anyone would expect as a minimum. This has been a difficult decision to take by Wrexham AFC but we must ensure the services for some of our most vulnerable supporters are never placed in jeopardy and taking these services in house is the most sensible solution at this time. Wrexham AFC will strive to improve on the services currently offered which I am sure you would welcome.

I would like to add our gratitude to Darren for facilitating the ADC on Saturday. The continuation of this service is a high priority for Wrexham AFC and if you can commit and guarantee to providing the service you would be welcomed to do so on behalf of the football club. Should you be unable to guarantee providing the service to our supporters who gain an enhanced match day service, Wrexham AFC will have no option other than to source alternative arrangements. Feedback from the supporters who use the ADC has been so positive, we know how much they value the service and will take all steps necessary to ensure its continuation.

With regards to any meeting, Wrexham AFC were unaware of any issue until the request one made by the DSA for tickets and pitch presentation for the St Mirren Colts game, unfortunately this was unable to be facilitated. Alternative arrangements were offered for the allies in access group to attend the ground on a non match day to have a pitch side presentation but we have not heard back regarding the offer which still stands. Should you wish to email a request with an agenda for items you wish to discuss at a meeting we would look to meet you at a convenient time and date in the near future.

Wrexham AFC would like to thank you for your past presence on the viewing platform and hope we can continue working together in providing services to some of our most vulnerable supporters in the future.

We would much prefer to resolve these issues in a face to face meeting and by reasonable discussion, but when individuals resort to social media it is important that the full facts are brought to the attention of our supporters. That is why we have taken the unusual step of making this statement. Ultimately all of us want to provide the best facilities for all our fans and our disabled liaison officer in particular has worked tirelessly to help bring that about. In fairness to her (and our other volunteers) it is important that the full facts are aired in response to what others have chosen to publish.

Wrexham AFC Operations and
Wrexham Supporters Trust Governing Body.

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