Notice of Special General Meeting (SGM)

Notice is hereby given that the Special General Meeting (SGM) of the Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST) will be held via Zoom from 12:15 PM on Saturday 1st August 2020 for the following purposes.

  1. To approve the 99 year lease, on the Groves site, with Wrexham County Borough Council at the rate of one peppercorn per annum.
  2. To continue the work of the Reform Group in revising the WST constitution.
  3.  To appoint external consultants to study the structures of WST and WAFC and the relationship between the two.
  4. To approve a new disciplinary policy for the WST which will replace the existing policy.
  5. To adopt an addition to the Gateway process.

All the above resolutions are proposed by the Society Board.

Members wishing to attend the meeting will receive an invitation to join the meeting prior to the meeting itself.

Members who cannot attend the meeting can vote by proxy by completing the attached proxy/postal form and returning it to  Freepost MI VOICE.

Members can vote online at   polls will close at 3:30 on Saturday 1st August unless the meeting over runs.

Supporting Information

Link for WST SGM 2020 Resolutions:

Link For WST SGM 2020  Postal Voting Proxy Form: 

Link For SGM Questions Online Form:

Link For Groves Training Ground EGM Presentation;

Link For RESOLUTION The Groves;

Link For appendix Groves_1 ;

Link For appendix Groves_2;