STATEMENT | Weekly update and communication to supporters

Our latest update to supporters can be read below. This includes important information on the forthcoming AGM, a commercial update and clarification regarding recently-published WST Board minutes.

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AGM update

We have received a large number of resolutions for the upcoming AGM and the Society Board have discussed the practicalities of managing the meeting. We have received nearly 30 resolutions, including those sponsored by the Board, for discussion and even allowing for a minimum amount of discussion we are possibly looking at a six-hour meeting.

This is obviously not a situation that is desirable and may stifle debate on issues that need to be discussed. As a result, we have agreed to call an EGM for Saturday August 1, one week prior to the AGM, where we can debate some of the more time-consuming resolutions.

A notice will be sent out this week inviting you to the meeting and detailing the business to be discussed. We will be in contact with some resolution sponsors ahead of this to ask permission to move their resolutions to the EGM. There is obviously no compulsion on them to do so but it would help us in managing the meeting.

The EGM is as important as the AGM and it is important that members make every effort to attend. The main business of the meeting will be the presentation of the proposed Groves project and details of this will be placed on the website later this week.

Season Start Date

In response to recent speculation we have had no indication from the National League about a potential restart date for the new season. Nor have we had any indication about social distancing guidelines or ground capacity instructions.

We do need to bear in mind that the National League are subject to rules set by both governments. There would be obvious problems for us if football in England was allowed to resume some time before football in Wales.

It is the view of the Directors that it would not be possible to restart football without fans being present and we believe the majority of clubs at our level have the same view.

We note that the English FA have set a start date of September 5th and we have written to the National League for clarification. We will update supporters when we have that information.

Shirt Sales Update

Our new shirts are selling well across the UK and the wider world.

You will find proud fans wearing the famous red shirts all across the UK.

And Wrexham around the world…

To pre-order your bespoke home and away shirts from the online club shop, follow this link now!

Cover up and stay safe

Wrexham AFC are also happy to announce that face masks are now available to purchase from our online club store.

We’ve teamed up with VX3 to provide supporters with the opportunity to support the club, raise important funds and most importantly stay safe and halt the spread of COVID-19.

Two fantastic designs are available in the famous red of Wrexham AFC, complementing a safe and comfortable mask for you and your loved ones. Priced at £6, there is no better way to show your support and stay safe during these unprecedented times.

You can order your Wrexham AFC face masks now.

UPDATE – Our first consignment of 300 Masks has flown out and we have had to reorder a second batch. We will update you when they are back in stock. Thank you for your support.


Following the brief publication of unredacted minutes from the Trust Board meeting of 20th May 2020, the Society Board of Wrexham Supporters Trust would like to clarify that Don Bircham is not being investigated into anything to do with Football Club matters, including the breach of the Board Members Policy.

We apologise to Don for his name being mentioned in this section, which caused this impression. Peter Jones, Chairman of the WST, has also called Don to offer his apologies in person.

Further to this, and following the investigation into the club accounts in regards to the three loans made, the Society Board are satisfied that the interest-free loans made by Don to the Football Club, were made with other Directors’ knowledge and in the best interest of the Football Club at the time.

We would like to place on record once again our thanks to Mr. Bircham, who made the interest free Directors loans without any form of personal gratification.

Don is a valued customer, sponsor and supporter of Wrexham Football Club, and we hope that will continue for many years to come, and we thank him for his continued support.

GDPR Issues Update

As updated in a recent update we have recently experienced a breach of GDPR where a former WST Board Member posted confidential information on social media.

On the advice of our insurers we have reported ourselves to the Information Commissioner’s Office and are in the process of writing to the various parties whose personal and contractual details have been broadcast.

Sale of Club survey

Following the publication of our survey results last week we will be proposing the following resolution for members consideration at the forthcoming AGM.

Members of the society agree to adopt the results of a recent survey of Members regarding a possible sale of the football club.

The results of the survey indicated the following –

  • That members would listen to offers for a majority holding in the club and allow the Board to hold talks with prospective buyers.
  • That they would want the club to be valued in order to set a price.
  • That we would engage professional advisors to conduct the negotiations.
  • That our reasonable costs would be met by the purchaser.
  • That certain aspects of the clubs heritage be protected by contractual agreements with the new owners. These would include the name,badge,colours,playing in the Town. This list is not exhaustive.
  • That the WST is not wound up and remains as a supportive body of the club.
  • That the WST retains the lease on the ground and any other assets acquired.
  • That the WST retains a veto of some description on a future sale of the club.

Note – In the 9 years that the football club has been fan owned we have never been asked by our members to sell the club. Our objects make clear that we must retain a majority holding in the club.

However, despite that, we recognise that there may be circumstances where members may welcome a sale of the club. The survey results enforce this.

What we are seeking is permission from the membership to engage in talks with any potential purchasers with a view to a sale of a majority stake.

The points on which members have shown concern would form a basis for a negotiation with prospective buyers.

Any potential offer is not in our control and may not include all of these elements. Any prospective deal, whilst subject to negotiation, would be assessed on merit with the view to safeguard the remaining asset holdings of the WST and protect the future of the Football Club, and therefore ensure that any potential sale negotiations would be undertaken with the intention of delivering a positive outcome for Wrexham FC on a long term basis.

Any potential deal would still be subject to Members approval and would need a 75% backing of the membership.