WST Statement: FA Cup Replays

Wrexham Supporters Trust is extremely disappointed to hear the announcement that FA Cup replays from round one of the competition are to be scrapped.

We empathise with fan’s concerns and are worried that this will lead to a further watering down of the competition that is loved and cherished by all.

This is the oldest domestic cup competition in the world that as a reach across the globe.

It is concerning that these decisions have been made without consultation and the loss of replays will have a negative impact on this competition.

Statement from the Football Supporters Association

Our Governing Body, The Football Supporters Association, also released a the following statement on the scrapping of FA Cup Replays, which we have repeated below:

“The FA’s decision to scrap FA Cup replays in all rounds of the competition has been met with what can only be described as anger by many EFL and non-league clubs, football figures and supporters at all levels of the game.

As well as replays there is real concern across football that many of the things which make the FA Cup special – its history, heritage and tradition – are also under threat.

The level of anger at the decision to scrap replays should not come as a surprise to anyone at the FA as we have consistently made clear, in a number of recent meetings, what supporter feeling is when it comes to this issue.

In addition we outlined the problems that stretching a “weekend” from Friday to Monday causes travelling supporters but the FA are still pressing on with that scheduling and even extending it during the 4th Round which will run from Friday to Wednesday. More TV disruption for matchgoers.

Bottom line – the FSA supports FA Cup replays in all rounds of the competition.

We are not exactly new converts to this either, as it’s something we’ve warned about for decades right back to when we passed a motion supporting replays at our 2004 AGM…”

The full statement from the Football Supporters Association can be viewed here.