Quiet Walk About Session

:Our DLO, Kerry, is providing a Quiet Walk About Session on Wednesday 31st July at 4pm

Meeting at Gate 12 , the double doorway entrance alongside the railings on Mold Road.

These sessions are for the purpose of people getting to look around whilst the stadium is quiet.

She will show the Glyndwr parking available, where they can purchase tickets from 1864 suite, Gate 12 where you can enter the stadium, The walk way to the quiet zone without going through the concourse, The quiet zone, The quiet autism room, the disabled toilets.

This session is available for anyone who may want to attend Wrexham AFC this season, but attending for the 1st time on a busy match day might seem too daunting. So anyone who suffers any level of anxiety, autism and any other issues is more than welcome to meet her on Wednesday afternoon at 4pm, where they will be shown around and I will discuss the full match day routine and what we offer to enhance the match day experience at our club, ie: waitress service so people don’t need to enter and queue in a busy concourse.

These quiet walk about sessions hopefully take the level of anxiety away as they will know the routine before attending on a match day.

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