We would like to thank members for their patience whilst we have been working through the issues around the AGM.

Voting is already underway in the SGM and invites to that meeting will be sent out tomorrow.

The AGM pack has now gone to the printers and our Election partner Mi Voice. Members who choose Email should get a communication tomorrow and members using post should receive their letters by the weekend.

In an update to the Election process you will remember that we announced that there were only eight candidates for the nine roles available.

Since that announcement one of the Candidates has been ruled as ineligible to stand as a Candidate by the Election Management Group (EMG). This was on the basis of the Candidate’s previous record as a Board member, when they leaked confidential salary information on social media.

This has brought the Trust and Club to the attention of the Information Commissioner and that investigation is still ongoing. It is still possible that we could be sued for this person’s actions.

It would send out entirely the wrong message to both the ICO and his victims if that person were to be allowed back on to the WST Board.

As a result of this decision this person has threatened the WST with legal action.

There will now only be seven candidates up for an affirmative vote.

Any questions regarding the AGM/SGM please direct to