AGM 2020 | Results of resolutions

We can now confirm the results of the voting on resolutions at the 2020 WST AGM, held on Saturday August 8.

We would like to thank everybody who joined in with the AGM on Zoom, and to everybody who voted too.

The WST can confirm Matthew Davies, Spencer Harris, Gavin Jones, James Kelly, Stephen Lloyd, Mark MacDougall and Matthew Scott – have been elected/re-elected to the WST Board.

Please see below for the full results of voting on resolutions. In total, 380 people voted. The Board will discuss the resolutions at the next board meeting, and will inform the membership of our plans moving forwards.

Resolution A

To extend the time available to complete the AGM from 2.5 hours to 4 hours. If business can not be concluded in 4 hours then the meeting will be adjourned and the meeting shall be convened again 7 days later at 12:00.

Votes For: 353
Votes Against: 12
Abstained: 7
Votes Cast: 372

PASSED – 94.90% voted in favour

Resolution B

The Society resolves that immediately following the 2020 Annual General Meeting, the Society Board be authorised to invest up to a further £500,000 in Wrexham AFC Limited (a 100% subsidiary of Wrexham Supporters Trust) and\or WST Assets Limited (a 100% subsidiary of Wrexham Supporters Trust), the Board having the power to determine how the investment is distributed between the two companies, during the period following the 2020 AGM up to the 2021 AGM.

For: 338
Against: 19
Abstained: 14
Votes Cast: 371

PASSED – 91.10% voted in favour

Resolution C

The Society resolves that McLintocks Partnership (NW) Limited are reappointed as statutory auditors of the Society for the 2020 financial year.

For: 339
Against: 15
Abstained: 17
Votes Cast: 371

PASSED – 91.40% voted in favour

Resolution D

The Society resolves that immediately following the Annual General Meeting the Society Board is authorised to approve that Wrexham AFC Limited can participate in the bounce bank loan facility of up to £50,000.

For: 345
Against: 17
Abstained: 9
Votes Cast: 371

PASSED – 93% voted in favour

Resolution E

It is proposed that an ‘Accessibility Audit’ be conducted on the Racecourse to ensure that the ground meets the minimum standards of accessibility for disabled supporters. The audit to be undertaken by Level Playing Field, utilising the guidelines from the Centre for Access to Football in Europe’s (CAFÉ) publication ACCESS FOR ALL. The entire cost including expenses associated with carrying out the audit will be paid for by Wrexham AFC Disabled Supporters Association (DSA); on the assumption that:

a. The DSA has equal input to the auditor(s) with the WST/Club.

b. That both the DSA and the WST/Club receive a final auditors report.

c. That the auditors are engaged to start and finish the task before the end of 2020 (assuming the new season is underway) or as soon thereafter as possible.

For: 296
Against: 45
Abstained: 26
Votes Cast: 365

PASSED – 80.70% voted in favour

Resolution F

To adopt Resolution E if it fails to gain 66% acceptance but over 50% and with the following additions.

  • Report to be split into 2 parts -legal requirements and recommendations
  • Report to be made public
  • Members to vote on fully costed recommendations

For: 285
Against: 42
Abstained: 37
Votes Cast: 364

PASSED – 78.30% voted in favour

Resolution G

To re-adopt the role of Chairman onto the Wrexham AFC board.

For: 199
Against: 107
Abstained: 57
Votes Cast: 363

FAILED – 54.80% voted in favour

Resolution H

An independent survey to be conducted to gauge the thoughts, feelings and confidence of ALL supporters on all aspects of the way Wrexham AFC operates. This would be similar to “My Big Red Survey” that the WST conducted in 2016 with the exception that the questions are to be written by and results posted by an independent person(s). An open channel of communication with this independent person(s) should be included prior to the survey to allow for suggestions for questions to be submitted by supporters.

For: 144
Against: 191
Abstained: 35
Votes Cast: 370

FAILED – 38.90% voted in favour

Resolution I

The Society resolves to amend its existing Disciplinary Policy

For: 315
Against: 26
Abstained: 26
Votes Cast: 367

PASSED – 85.80% voted in favour

Resolution J

All official complaints and allegations of misconduct, whether retroactive or hereafter, from any WST board members, Wrexham AFC board members or any employees of Wrexham AFC to be investigated and handled by an independent panel. This should include football managers and coaching staff but not football players employed at the club who have their own disciplinary policy.

For: 116
Against: 207
Abstained: 43
Votes Cast: 366

FAILED – 31.70% voted in favour

Resolution K

The Society resolves to adopt a Whistleblowing policy.

For: 318
Against: 20
Abstained: 27
Votes Cast: 365

PASSED – 87.10% voted in favour

Resolution L

A quarterly question and answer sessions to be conducted by the Wrexham AFC board with ALL questions answered and published on the Wrexham AFC club website. If a question(s) cannot be answered, an explanation as to why they cannot be answered should be posted alongside each question.

For: 217
Against: 123
Abstained: 25
Votes Cast: 365

FAILED – 59.50% voted in favour

Resolution M

For Wrexham AFC to publish on their website and social media channels all announcements of new or renewed contracts for any player, manager or member of the coaching staff for the Wrexham AFC first team at the earliest possible date.

For: 225
Against: 117
Abstained: 17
Votes Cast: 359

FAILED – 62.70% voted in favour

Resolution N

To publish a full financial breakdown of how the sell-on fee was spent after it was received by Wrexham AFC following Danny Ward’s transfer from Liverpool to Leicester. If an NDA prevents this then written permission to disclose this information should be asked for from Leicester City FC and Liverpool FC.

For: 169
Against: 165
Abstained: 29
Votes Cast: 363

FAILED – 46.60% voted in favour

Resolution P

The membership instructs that all WST representatives to serve as directors on the board of Wrexham AFC must have been elected to the position by a separate FC board election by the WST membership. The membership instructs that the FC Board election candidates should include only members of the WST Society Board. The membership instructs that no WST society board member can be a director on the board of Wrexham AFC without being elected by the FC Board elections.

For: 128
Against: 193
Abstained: 39
Votes Cast: 360

FAILED – 35.60% voted in favour

Resolution Q

Adopt a public relations role onto the Wrexham AFC board that directly oversees the media team as well as overseeing communication and engagement with Wrexham AFC supporters.

For: 136
Against: 184
Abstained: 40
Votes Cast: 360

FAILED – 37.80% voted in favour

Resolution R

Creation of a Director of Wrexham FC position with the specific remit of responsibility for youth football.

For: 215
Against: 112
Abstained: 33
Votes Cast: 360

FAILED – 59.70% voted in favour

Resolution S

Following the premature completion of the worst season in Wrexham AFC’s 156 year history where we narrowly avoided relegation to the 6th tier of English football, this resolution wishes to put on record WST members’ dissatisfaction with all aspects of first team football operations at Wrexham AFC over the last 12 months. This dissatisfaction has been exacerbated by recent managerial appointments and also by the negative, defensive style of football thus employed by the first team.

For: 196
Against: 125
Abstained: 40
Votes Cast: 360

FAILED – 54.30% voted in favour

Resolution T

To thoroughly seek several new sites across the county of Wrexham and beyond for the proposed new training ground and then to present these potential new sites to all supporters for consultation.

For: 109
Against: 220
Abstained: 29
Votes Cast: 358

FAILED – 30.40% voted in favour

Resolution U

To negotiate terms for the use of Colliers Park for the Wrexham AFC first team and then present these terms to the membership to vote on as an alternative to building a new training ground.

For: 126
Against: 201
Abstained: 30
Votes Cast: 357

FAILED – 35.30% voted in favour