SGM | Answers to queries from members

Questions from Members

Following the notice given to members regarding an SGM to be held on Tuesday 22nd September we would like to encourage Members to direct any queries they have to the Secretary at –

We are very busy at the moment but we will endeavour to answer all queries via email or, possibly, in a second FAQ later this week.

Members are being asked to make important decisions about the future of our club and it is important that they have clarity on any issues before voting.

Please bear in mind that we are all subject to a confidentiality agreement at this point in the process and that may limit what we can say.

Zoom Invites

Zoom invites for next Tuesdays meeting will not go out until Monday 21st. We will post on the club and WST websites when they go out so that you can check your emails.

Please check your Spam folder first.

Many thanks,