APPLY | Independent Secretary Position

The Wrexham Supporters Trust Board invite applications for the role of Independent Secretary position. Although we are, initially, looking for someone to help with the work leading up to the forthcoming June AGM, this role is available for anyone willing to commit for a longer period. The job description for this role is below. If you feel you have the credentials, time, and commitment to take up the secretary’s role then we would like to hear from you.

The Trust Board consists mainly of board members with designated areas of responsibility together with co-opted board members.


Every Community Benefit Society must, by law, have a Secretary (The ‘Society Secretary’).

Responsibilities of the Secretary

1. The Society Secretary is an essential part of the team and acts as the organisation’s guardian.

2. The Secretary has the important role of monitoring the Trust’s affairs and ensuring that matters are dealt with in accordance with the Rules, legislation, Football Supporters Association (FSA) policies, and good practice and to the benefit of the Members.

3. The Secretary is there to give impartial advice, follow best practice and good governance and to act in the best interests of the Society. The Secretary receives the trust communications and is responsible to the Society Board, and between Board meetings, to the Chair.

4. The Secretary protects the members’ interests and ensures that the constitution is followed properly and that the organisation is functioning properly.

5. The Secretary should be the most familiar with the constitution to enable advice to be given to the Board and any issues about interpreting the constitution should always be resolved after hearing the advice of the Secretary first.

6. The Secretary does not have a vote at Board meetings.

7. For WST, the roles of Membership Secretary and Website administrator are delegated to members of the Board but the Society Secretary is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the tasks associated with these roles are carried out according to the Rules.

8. In particular the Society Secretary must ensure that:

· Records are kept of meetings, agendas, minutes and (in conjunction with other Board members) returns to the Financial Conduct Authority and FSA

· A register of members is kept and regularly updated

· A file is kept which includes the above and other material which records the work of the Trust

· The AGM, other general meetings and elections to the Board are carried out in line with the Rules

· With the Treasurer, ensure that audited accounts and returns are processed and sent off as required

·Ensure that all Trust members have relevant information before and after meetings

· Prepare agendas in conjunction with the Chairperson and take minutes from Board meetings

· To take advice from other sources including legal and financial advice where this is necessary and where the committee does not have the required expertise

Qualities Required

· Commitment to attend meetings and accept responsibility for the performance of key tasks as allocated by the Board and/or membership

· Commitment to the values of the Trust

· Commitment to support all motions and initiatives undertaken by the Board

· Committed to undertaking all key tasks defined in the Secretary’s job description

· Strength of character to ensure that the membership’s interests are protected

Desirable Skills

· An understanding of the Trust movement and the aims and objectives of the Trust

· Management skills

· Administrative skills

· Well organised and conscientious

· Have tact and discretion

· Communication skills

· Be methodical and reliable

· Be able to maintain confidentiality

· Be able to react to opportunities and make decisions

[Training for aspects of the Secretary role will be available]

Responsible to

· Trust members. Under the law governing Community Benefit Societies, the members are the most important people. The Trust belongs to them, so the Secretary’s responsibility ultimately is to them, not the Board

· Trust Board- subject to the above


Please email by Friday 9th April 2021.