Wrexham Supporters Society (WST) and Wrexham AFC Governing Board and Operational Board Policy

In 2011 Wrexham supporters rescued the club we all love from the turmoil of previous years and, thanks to the efforts of many (not least our amazing fan base and hard-working volunteers), we now have a sustainable business striving hard to achieve what everyone wants. A return to the football league.

Eight years ago, we were strongly advised by Supporters Direct to adopt a two-board structure. A football club board to run the day to day operational side with a trust board to run everything else and to oversee the work of the football club board as well as providing the majority of board members who sit on it. We believe that this structure has generally worked well and although we had originally planned to formalise the relationship, we never actually took that step.

As we indicated at the members meeting of 7th February, we have looked closely at how the two boards operate. We remain convinced that the two-board structure works best and that a policy formalising that relationship would help going forward including to better explain the position for club owners and for future board members. Having carefully thought about who does what, the Trust board unanimously agreed the attached board policy to be introduced with immediate effect. Members who are interested in the policy are encouraged to attend the AGM on 27 June when questions can be asked about it

The Policy can be downloaded HERE